Extension Labs is loaded with features tailored for extension owners and developers.

Fast Integration

Fast and simple integration, add a few lines of JS to your extension and you're up and running.

Easy Integration Code

Useful Analytics

As extension owners ourselves, we know what kind of metrics you're looking for. We offer many different reporting options. Monthly, weekly, daily active users. Uninstall rates. Geo data. Browser version information. Daily page views, and much more.

One-Click Monetization

We have completely eliminated the complicatedness of monetizing browser extensions, we offer one-click easy toggle to enable certain monetization features, you're in complete control over what kind of options you enable.


High Revshare

Our partners are important to us, large and small, thats why we offer the highest revshare regardless of extension volume.

dev Global Management

Manage all your extension into one, powerful scalable platform.

credit-card Industry Compliant

Extension Labs is compliant with all extension web stores, Chrome Webstore, Mozilla Addons, etc.

dev Integrate Once

Once you've integrated your code, easily update any settings by logging into your dashboard.

support Top notch support

We will assist you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the best experience possible.

mail Improve ROI and LTV

Our advertisers target ads to be relevent to your users and audience interest, improving not only your ROI, but user experience as well with value-added monetization.

locked Customize Monetization UX

Want to tailor make a solution for your users? Easy. Customize many monetization features like, how often ads show, per hour, per 24 hours, per geo, and many more.

dev Priority #1: UX

We strongly believe in a positive user experience which is our priority number 1. Not only for you, but your users as well.

dev Segementation

We understand your needs, which is why we've built in the abiltiy to segment your audience and track by SID.

credit-card Dream Platform

We're extension owners ourselves, we've evaluated the landscape for solutions for us personally, and found it to be majorly lacking in functionality. So we've built the dream platform: Extension Labs.