Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I integrate Extension Labs into my extension?

A. We have an integration instructional page within your dashboard that explains in detail how to implement our JS code. Additionally we offer integration services to help you out if you're stuck or have additional technical requirements.

Q. What kind of Analytics will I expect to see using Extension Labs?

A. We have numerous reports. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Active Users. Active Users by Day, Browser Information, Geo Graphical, Page Views, Uninstalls. Interactive User/Browser/Country Graphs. Revenue reporting, Revenue broken down by Plugin, Modules. And many more.

Q. I have multiple plugins, can Extension Labs support all of them?

A. Yes, Our system was designed to allow multiple extensions to be managed all within the same panel.

Q. If I change any settings do I need to update my extension?

A. Nope, once the code is integrated all options on Extension Labs is automatically reflected to your extension in realtime.

Q. If I enabled monetization, how often will I get paid?

A. Extension Labs operates on a NET30 basis, which means you get paid on the 30th of the month for the previous months earnings. This is an industry standard across affiliate networks.

Q. Is there a minimum payment threshold to be sent?

A. Yes, we currently have a $25 minimum in order to be paid out.

Q. If I enable monetization, how much control do I have?

A. You are in complete control over the process, which types of monetization you enable, how often ads show, per hour, per 24 hours, per geo, and many more options. We enable you to tailor make your own solution.

Q. How does Extension Labs monetize my extension?

A. We have several different modules to choose from. CPV Interstitials, In-Text Ads, Coupons, Visual Search, and more. All ads are targeted and relevent material specific to your users interest, search or browsing habbits.