Five Steps For Browser Extension Monetization

Browser extension monetization is an exciting and lucrative practice that every owner should learn about. To properly monetize your browser extension, there are some things you need to do and others you need to avoid. Our top five list takes a look at these Do’s and Don’ts of browser extension monetization.

1 – Do consider your options: Browser Extension Monetization was long regarded as taboo since owners felt that there were no viable options in the marketplace. Fortunately, a lot has changed in the last few years and the marketplace is now ripe with opportunity.

2 – Don’t procrastinate: For the average browser extension owner, each dollar is valuable. While you’re waiting on the sidelines wondering whether its worth it or not, money is being burned. Integration with most companies, like for example, takes no more than a minute or two. With even a smaller user base generating $30-$50 per day, that’s anywhere from $900-$1,500 of revenue out the window for every month you wait.

3 – Do use a trusted monetization platform: Although browser extension monetization is still a growing space, the vultures have already begun to circle. Multiple platforms have been caught red handed for malicious, unethical or illegal practices that attack users. Nothing is more important to browser extension owners than their user base. Find a company that cares about compliance and can explain everything they do. Do your own research and find out which players have been caught offside. It may be the most important thing you do.

4 – Don’t forget about the user experience: Monetization is important but not if it comes at the cost an acceptable user experience. If you’re looking for a company to monetize your own user base, make sure that they have the flexibility to adjust their monetization strategies to your specific needs.

5 – Do know your numbers: Before you start monetizing your browser extension, you need to look at the numbers. If you don’t have an analytics program, you can sign up with a company like Extension Labs for free. Looking at the analytic data will allow you to learn about your demographics and how they are using your browser extension, what their uninstall rates are, their usage time etc. Once you have a clear understanding of your user base, you can confidently take the next step and begin monetizing.

Monetize Browser Extensions Right!

Better Compliance? Better User Experience

How to monetize browser extension software is a relatively new concept for most owners. Even still, its a relatively new movement within the marketplace. That means that the opportunity is ripe and there is a lot of potential for extension owners to generate revenue from their hard work.

Unfortunately, whenever a new opportunity arises, the dark side of the market quickly blooms. When you try to monetize browser extension software, it is no different than the other industries that have seen an influx of bad apples in the early going. There have now been a handful of reports that have identified multiple different companies that are using illegal, non-compliant, or deceptive tactics in order to monetize content for browser extension owners. Tactics like installing vaporware, hidden javascript code, or forcing the installation of apps on a user is seemingly becoming the norm.

At, we want all extension owners to know that we are focused on compliance and the user experience. That may, seemingly, put us at a disadvantage when compared to groups who are promising you overnight riches but making a “little” bit more per user each day really isn’t worth that much if you risk losing them for life. As such, we keep a close eye on industry regulations and compliance matters. We reach out to the various watchdogs within the community to know what’s going on, who the perpetrators are and how we can help. We take your feedback on the effects our platform has on the user experience and apply that feedback to ensure that we are delivering value to you while protecting your user base as if it were our own.

We believe in the long term prospects of browser monetization and want to show you a better solution for your product. You can feel safe, secure and confident when working with

Paid Browser Extensions vs Ad Supported Browser Extensions

Monetize Browser Extension

For anyone who takes the time to develop an application or browser extension, the question as to which revenue model is best eventually becomes an important one.  Should you charge users for the right to install your extension and generate revenue that way? Or should you allow your browser extension to be downloaded for free, thereby increasing volume, then generate revenue from advertisements?

Let’s look at the evidence to help us decide. When analyzing mobile data, as collected by Flurry Analytics & The Apple Store,  we see that “free” aka ad supported applications are by far and large preferred by developers. However, what may be perhaps even more telling is the fact even the small percentage of developers who charge for their apps is rapidly dwindling.

Ad Supported Apps rise as Paid Apps fall

Clearly, the marketplace is showing heavy favor to ad supported (aka “free”) browser extensions and apps. One of the major advantages in running a free to install, ad supported, extension or application is that you will see a much higher installation rate since users are able to try the extension without making any sort of financial commitment. Those users in turn may recommend it to others that they know, who will also be more likely to take the suggestion since it is free to install.

With that said, most developers know that building a great browser extension and garnering installs doesn’t translate into riches. In fact, most developers either generate very little or no revenue at all. Why? The reality is that unless you have one of the largest user bases in the world, your extension simply isn’t interesting to advertising firms who require large blocks of volume in order to meet their needs. Enter a company like, Extension Labs is a unique, free to use, digital monetization firm that specializes in providing analytical data to browser extension developers. This data provides developers with the insight into their platform that is, more often than not, severely lacking. In addition, for those who decide to pursue ad support, provides a turnkey solution wherein an extension developer can get up, running and generating revenue from their browser within minutes. Best of all, with the unique methods employed by, there is little to no impact on the user experience for those running the extension.

Paid? Not any more. Ad supported? Now you’re on your way.

Make Money From Your Browser Extension

Make Money Browser Extension

There are hundreds of thousands of browser extensions available online and yet less than 10% have a monetization solution that allows them to generate revenue.

In fact, many extensions have thousands of user installations and each users generates an average of 0.01-0.055 per day. What does that mean? Let’s take an extension with 5,000 users at $0.055 per user each day.

The developer of that extension could be missing out on $8,250 in earnings each month. That’s $99,000 of easy money being missed out on each and every year.

With a 5 minute investment of your time, you can setup and go from missed opportunities to realized revenue. Sign up with and start to make money from your browser extension, you’ll be glad that you did!



Browser Extension Monetization!

Browser Extension Mnoetization

Hello everyone and welcome to

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you what is all about, although the title may already have given it away for some. is a simple, yet powerful, turnkey solution for anyone who wants to make money from their browser extension. In today’s marketplace, extension installations number in the hundreds of millions. Yet most extension users are not generating a single cent from their hard work.

At our goal was to put together a powerful platform that would allow anyone from a beginner to the most advanced user to monetize their extension. Once registered with , you will find that our intuitive platform guides you through the process and makes generating revenue as easy as 1-2-3.

How valuable is your browser extension? 

With a modest amount of installations, you could easily be generating hundreds to thousands of dollars each month by registering with

How to start?

Simply apply for an account with and we’ll guide you through the quick and easy process. You’ll be generating revenue within minutes.

How will the making money from your extension or “monetizing” your browser plugin impact users?

With , you can rest assured that the experience for your user base will be an excellent one. allows you to choose from three different settings (conservative, neutral and aggressive) which tell our  systems how to engage your users with our monetization solutions. It is important to know, of course, that even our aggressive setting is configured with users in mind. After all, a positive user experience assures that your userbase will continue to grow and that’s something we want to see happen!